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Jason Allison injury

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  • Jason Allison injury

    Does anyone know how Jason Allison received his whiplash injury last year? I have read (I believe on the ESPN website) that he had three different injuries of that type within a short stretch of time last year, but I have had some trouble finding anything definite on the web. Some of the reports have seemed conflicting. Specifically, I was wondering if any one hit caused the original injury and if so, who hit him. If not, just how was the injury caused. I have heard that his injury may be career ending - which would be very unfortunate for the game. Thanks for your help.

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    The original injury was caused when he was hit by Andy Sutton of the Thrashers. The whiplash was caused when he was accidentally kneed in the head by then teammate, Craig Johnson, in a scramble for the puck in front of the net. Hope this helps. The talk around Los Angeles is that he's "out indefinitely", which I'm interpreting as out for his career.


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      I am a Kings fan, and Allison is such a great player, I love having him around. I have heard though, that he is not really trying to come back. Especially when compared to Deadmarsh, who after his 8th concussion is most definately done for his career, yet he still tries his hardest, he is always trying and trying to get back to where he can play. He still is having dissy spells though, and really can't come back. Anyway, I heard that he might be trying to get traded or something, that he is holding out on coming back so that he can get off the Kings. I do not know if this is true or not, just rumors I have heard.