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Benny Woit & Reg Meserve

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  • Benny Woit & Reg Meserve

    I got a RTS from Benny Woit from 228 Ray Blvd, Thunderbay ON P7A 1A1. It had the dreaded yellow moved/unknown sticker on it. Also had what looks like 56 DC written on it does anyone knows what that stands for? Can anyone help with a new addy?

    also looking for Reg Meserve,old Phila Rambler. Last I heard he still lived in the Phila area but that was a while ago. Thanks for any and all help.

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    Reg Meserve

    The hockey Data Base indicates the Reggie would be 71 years old.
    US Search states that the only 71 year old Meserve in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania lives in Westchester Pa.

    The only Meserve in Westchester Pa is at 1590 Wineberry Lane
    Tel: 610-918-9414.

    I hope this provides you with valid information.


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      Reginald Meserve
      2108 Lyndell Dr
      Lancaster,pa 17601-5728 Was Living In West Chester And Is 71


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        Thanks to both of you,hopefully he will become the 5th Rambler in my collection and 2nd Devil. Question for the Historian....I know the Ramblers didnt set the world on fire but how were the Devils and do you know where in Cherryhill the Arena was?


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          The Original Jersey Devils

          They played at the Cherry Hill Arena which was not located in Cherry Hill.

          My recollection is that it was in Haddonfield.
          The arena was north of the shopping area off a road that goes to the right.
          I do not remember the route number. Supposedly the arena became a K Mart.
          A search oif current K mart stores did not uncover the location as best I can tell.

          There is a lady who posts occasionally named Jean Vigg who may know more specifics.

          The team was not very good and I believe that John Brophy coached them for a while.

          The most fun was seeing the visiting coaches of that era who were former NHLers who were in the Hall of Fame.

          They included the Toronto Maple Leaf goalie Turk Broda and the forward Doug Bentley.


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            Benny Woit

            Benny and his wife moved closer to their kids. I phoned to make sure it was him and his wife said they were swamped with auto letters but would look out for mine and put it on the top of the pile because i phoned. They are in the book. Address is Benny Woit, 120 Harding Blvd W, Richmond Hill ON, L4C 9S4. Best of luck.


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              Reg meserve

              Did you ever find Reg Meserve?