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Some players who played for all original six ?

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  • Some players who played for all original six ?

    I read somewhere that a bunch of players played during their carrer for the Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Rangers, Bruins, Red Wings and Blackhawks. Do you know a player that did that after the first expansion ?

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    The closest I've been able to find in 5 of 6
    Harry Lumley who played for TOR BOS DET NYR CHI


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      Plante MTL BOS TOR NYR
      Sawchuk DET BOS TOR NYR

      They are the closest I know


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        Bryan Berard ... TOR, NYR, BOS, CHI


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          Some other multi-teamers

          Vic Lynn played for all six from 1942 to 1954.

          Bronco Horvath played for five original six teams (everyone except Detroit) as well as for Minnesota.

          A pre-original sixer, Leroy Goldsworthy was a five teamer playing for NYR, Detroit, Chicago, Montreal and Boston as well as for the New York Americans.

          I started to list four teamers but there are quite a few and my typing fingers couldn't take it. Here's the start of the list of four teamers: Reggie Flemming (Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Rangers), Pete Babando (Boston, Detroit, Chicago and Rangers), John Brenneman (Chicago, NYR, Toronto and Detroit), Dave Creighton (Boston, Toronto, Chicago and NYR), Ian Cushenan (Chicago, Monteal, NYR, Detroit), Lorne Davis (Montreal, Chicago, Detroit, Boston), Ab DeMarco Sr. (Chicago, Toronto, Boston and NYR), Cal Gardner (NYR, Toronto, Chicago, Boston), Howie Glover (Chicago, Detroit, NYR, Montreal).

          Hope this helps.


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            Bronco Horvath played for Detroit in an exhibition game but never had playing time during the regular season. He may have dressed. Vic Lynn is the only player to ever play for all original six teams. No one did it after the expansion.