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  • Eric Cairns

    I really, really, really, really dislike him very very strongly!! I know that he is a great guy off the ice, participating in a lot of charity work, so I feel bad saying this, but I really want someone to beat him to a bloody pulp the next time he gets into a fight. Also, I may be wrong, but didn't he pull a Tibbetts during the lockout and sucker-punch a dude on the opposite team while playing in Italy or something?

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    Opps, when I said sucker punch, I meant while the guy was on the bench, ala Tibbetts to Hordichuck. Oh well, I guess there is no need to cheer for any violence for anyone really


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      I agree

      As a Pens fan, you are right it was a cheap shot. Actually, back to back games he has taken dumb penalties and cheap shots. About the only positive it has gotten his team is a 3 game preview of Noah Welch who appears in his first game tonight.


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        Welch looks to be awsome.