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Wake up - Who's your favorite goalie and what was the best save you've ever seen ?

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  • Wake up - Who's your favorite goalie and what was the best save you've ever seen ?

    Sadly, I've got to agree with Theo, but hopefully we can get some decent threads going now with the approach of the World Champs.

    Personally, Miikka Kiprusoff has won me over with his heroics for Calgary last year. The guy has amazing reflexes, is inhumanly flexible - and his glove hand is so fast that often it's hard to follow it even on the replay. He never seems to get rattled, and I've only seen him have one really bad game. He also has one of the coolest masks in the league, in my opinion. Calgary's future depends heavily on them keeping him around because he always gives the Flames a solid chance at every game.

    - Honourable mention - Marty Brodeur

    The best save I've ever seen (as much as I hate to admit it) was an amazing flash-grab glove save by Patrick Roy on Pavol Demitra in the quarter-final series Avs vs Blues a few years ago where Colorado steamrolled the Blues in four - it was also Roman Turek's fall from grace. Demitra took a hard snap shot at the wide-open top left corner, and everyone in the building, including the goal judge assumed there was no way it couldn't have gone in. The light was on and Demitra was actually celebrating until Roy showed everyone the puck in his glove. Demitra almost broke his stick on the boards afterward. It was a really frustrating series for the Blues offense.

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    I don't like Josiph very much but there was a save he mad against the Avalanche in the 1998 playoffs (when he was on the Oilers). He was out in the right corner getting the puck when a teammate slid into him knocking him down. Ren Corbet for the Avs was right in front of the net as he got the puck. He was tuned around so it took him another second to be ready but CuJo had already made it back an then some. He was skating to fast an went down to quicly so that he was sliding away from the net. The shot was taken but CuJo stuck out his stick and mad the save. If you have the computer game NHL 99 then there is a clip of it or right now at www.nhl.com then scroll down and see "Top Ten Playoff Comebacks of the 90's" Clip on that and it will show you. Not right away but you can watch real hockey so it is fun.

    As for my favorite goalie that would be the now retired Tommy Salo. He was I think a very underrated goalie.


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      Note : I am Theo it,s just that I have problem with my username

      Theodore is my favorite goaler and I will always remember the save he made with the top of stick against Boston in the playoff of the season 2001-2002


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        Ya! Nobody replied yet.It's really empty here


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          Any toe nail save is a great save!


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            wtf you are more stupid than me


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              Patrick Roy is my favorite goalie. I remember a save he made many years ago when he was actually facing the net and still made the save with the blade.


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                Dominik HASEK

                DOMINIK HASEK and his saves against U.S.A. in NAGANO 1998-first period.


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                  Patrick Roy is my fav. goalie even though he's retired, but he will laways be my fav.

                  1994 Stanley cup quater finals Vancouver and Calgary, overtime. Puck coming from the left side to the right side, Robert Rechel seems to have won the game and serie, but McLean makes a deperation slide to the right side and robs and steals the game and series with his right goalie pad.


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                    Watch out...

                    ...for Sweden National Team and former Frölunda Indians keeper Henrik Lundqvist. He's the best Swedish goalie since Pelle Lindbergh. Unfortunately he will be playing for Rangers in NHL... I hope they don't trust in him and trade him to Islanders as soon as possible.

                    My top 5 favourite goalies

                    #1 Rick DiPietro
                    #2 Henrik Lundqvist
                    #3 Roberto Luongo
                    #4 José Theodore
                    #5 Rob Esche

                    #1 Billy Smith
                    #2 Chico Resch
                    #3 Rollie Melanson
                    #4 Patrick Roy
                    #5 Vladislav Tretiak


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                      My favorite goalie ever...as my name states, the greatest goalie EVER to play between the pipes, Vladislav Tretiak.

                      Greatest saves..

                      As listed above, Kirk McLean's toe save on the three-on-one.

                      Mike Richter stops Pavel Bure on a penalty shot in the 94 Stanley Cup finals