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1989 Hampton set sells for over $500.00 on E-bay

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  • 1989 Hampton set sells for over $500.00 on E-bay

    Must be some kind of record if you ask me just for a team set.

    I see that you chimed in on the bidding Ralph. Is this set that rare??

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    It's not something that comes up every day, but it's not worth anywhere that amount. I'd estimate it is one of the rarer sets out there though. I can only think of a handful that are rarer (like the Pensacola set that was never distributed due to licensing issues, the 84-85 (not 85-86) Minnesota-Duluth set (w/Brett Hull as a freshman), or the Lakeland Ice Warriors set (produced on demand).

    It came down to a Hampton Roads fan vs. Piccadillyjim, who almost never loses an auction (by snipe bidding with a very high limit).

    Check out piccadillyjim he must be made of money. It's to the point where dealers are listing somewhat older sets with very high Buy-it-Now prices ($150-300) because they know he will bite. And he does. He has spent $9,121.76 in the past 30 days on eBay, winning 224 auctions. He won every auction he bid on, with the exception of one (I won that one).

    And he has not paid me or contacted me for the set he won from me. Nice guy.