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WHA Free Agent Draft

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  • WHA Free Agent Draft

    The WHA held there entry draft for there 8 teams.

    check it out
    any comments on who got drafted

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    I was impressed that they were realistic about their draft picks. I kind of like the look of our Halifax IceBreakers, but I can't see a team who made Travis Green the second overall pick able to draw fans with $60 tickets, especially when the Mooseheads are going to have a strong team.
    Maybe it will work, I hope there is at least 1 game, so I can say that I went...
    Go IceBreakers (ugh, what a terrible name...)


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      Theoron Fleury was a good pick by Hamilton is good, he can use it to revive his career. The Joe Thornton pick was pointless, because he has already commited to play for HC Davos of the Swiss Elite League if there is no NHL season next year. I also liked the Andy Delmore pick by Toronto. The last pick I liked is Sergei Zholtok by Hamilton. One of the top passers in the NHL.Hamilton had the best draft. I noticed that Steve and Martin Kariya were dafted. Finally, where and what is the "Founders' Franchise"????
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        The Founder's Franchise will either be Cincinnati (most likely) or Winnipeg (according to Dallas News)


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          Amateur Draft

          I just checked out the Amateur draft.

          The first pick was obviously Sidney Crosby.
          The picks were interesting. I'm almost sure that Sidney Crosby will play for Toronto in the upcoming season, just like Gretzky for Indianapolos/Edmonton in the original WHA. The young goalies will probably sign for experience, such as Al Montoya. I bet Chris Bourque will play too. FInally, Corey Locke by Hamilton was a GREAT pick, this guy was overlooked in the NHL draft last year even though he led all Canadian Junior teams in goals scored. I'm a little surprised that Blake Wheeler wasn't drafted, he is only 17 and was the 5th pick in NHL draft, and this would be a way to kickstart his career, because he won't be playing for Pheonix anytime soon.
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            I think it will be a great way to jump start, excell, or extend a carrer.
            The old WHA JC Tremblay was a star but in the NHL was a Montreal cast off (to old)
            The WHA produced Stars such as:

            Mike Luit won Pearson Trophy
            Mike Gartner All them 40 goals seasons
            Mark Napier 2 cups
            Mark Messier future HoFer
            Wayne Gretzky The Great one
            Mark Howe Lasted 20+ yrs in WHA and NHL made the final w/ PHI
            Richard Broduer Backbone of Canucks first Cup run

            Mathieu Garon could get a starting job he's good enough,
            Guys like Potvin Shields and Dafoe could back into the old form.

            I like all of the franchise placements but Tornoto.
            With the Leafs, Majors, Ice Dogs, Batallion, and Roadrunners can the WHA team compete.