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Will Nhl Players Jump To New Wha???????

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  • Will Nhl Players Jump To New Wha???????

    Saw this in the news paper today. Will current N.H.L. players jump to the new W.H.A.? What are your thoughts. Depending if it be a long lock out. But in my opinion I can't see it lasting long. Owners are too greedy to let all that $$$$$$$$$$$ slip away.

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    I can't see too many jumping, there probably will be a work stoppage, but I can't see it lasting very long. The Owners greed will have them backdown and give the players what they want.


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      I heard that Quintal(Mtl) is going to play with Quebec but I am not sure


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        I'm not gonna put to much into rumors like those. The WHA's teams don't even have names yet, they don't even know how many teams there are. I expect players like Roenick and Hull to go though (they have already said they would).


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          I read somewhere that Joe Sakic like the idea to play in the WHA next year. but i really don't think he'll play in the new league 'cause i think he still on contract with Colorado


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            Quintal decided to stay. Unfortanutely, not with Montreal. He wasn't bad but obviously the Habs thought he had nothing left.


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              At this point I doubt that the WHA will even happen. Another two citiies dropped out and they only have 4 teams at this point. It may be another couple of years before they get going if they get going at all.