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Trading for 2005 NBA Schedules

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  • Trading for 2005 NBA Schedules


    The following are 2005 NBA schedules I'm looking for, any sponsors.

    Atlanta Hawks
    Chicago Bulls
    Dallas Mavericks
    Denver Nuggets
    Golden State Warriors
    Indiana Pacers
    L.A. Lakers
    Memphis Grizzlies
    Milwaukae Bucks
    New Jersey Nets
    New York Knicks
    Orlando Magic
    Phoenix Suns
    San Antonio Spurs
    Seattle Supersonics
    Utah Jazz
    Washington Wizards

    Here's a list of basketball I have to trade.

    2004/05 Atlanta Hawks (2) (750 WSB, Chick-fil-a)
    2004/05 Boston Celtics (Citizens Bank)
    2004/05 Charlotte Bobcats (Harrah's)
    2004/05 Cleveland Cavaliers (DiGiorno)
    2004/05 Detroit Pistons (Chevy)
    2004/05 Houston Rockets (4) (Bud Light)
    2004/05 Houston Rockets Magnets (4)
    2004/05 Los Angelis Clippers (2) (McDonald's)
    2004/05 Miami Heat (2) (Bud Light)
    2004/05 Minnesota Timberwolves (2) (Dairy Queen)
    2004/05 New Orleans Hornets (2) Pepsi Family Packs)
    2004/05 Sacramento Kings (3) (Pepsi)
    2004/05 Toronto Raptors (3) (Goddard Wick, Raptors TV)
    2003/04 Philadelphia 76er's (2) (610 WIP)
    2001/02 Toronto Raptors Raptors TV)
    2000/01 Toronto Raptors (Ford)
    1999/00 Toronto Raptors (Air Canada Centre)

    Besides basketball traders, I also have hockey, baseball,
    football, lacrosse and soccer. Everything I have for trade can
    be found at:

    If you're interested in any kind of trade, please contact me.

    Al Arabia
    2004 Barlow Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19116