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05-06 Sheffield Steelers / Cardiff Devils Set - For Trade

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  • 05-06 Sheffield Steelers / Cardiff Devils Set - For Trade

    The Steelers set for 05-06 exists in a basic set, silver set and gold set.

    From the original set (225 exist) I have...

    Cover Card
    Jody Lehman
    Ron Shudra
    Jason Robinson
    Mark Dutiaume
    Gavin Farrand
    Mark Thomas
    Simon Butterworth
    Warren Tait
    Martin Masa
    Paul Sample
    Kent Simpson
    Rod Sarich
    Stefan Sjogren
    Jonas Lennartsson
    Jason Hewitt
    David Whistle - Coach

    From the silver set I have...
    Rod Sarich (signed)
    Kent Simpson
    Mark Dutiaume
    Ron Shudra
    Jody Lehman

    (Only 14 exist of each silver).


    I also have the Cardiff set (100 exist)...
    Cover Card
    Vezio Sacratini
    Louis Goulet
    Peter Aubury
    Nathan Rempel
    Gerad Adams
    Brad Voth
    Jeff Burgoyne
    Kirk Dewaele
    Regan Darby

    05-06 Coventry Blaze
    2005-06 Coventry Blaze
    Martin Klempa
    Dan Shea
    Neal Martin
    Pavol Mihalik
    Andreas Moborg
    James Pease
    Graham Belak
    Tom Watkins
    Evan Cheverie
    Dan Welch
    Jeff Hutchins
    Ashley Tait
    Barrie Moore
    Joel Poirier
    Russell Cowley
    Adam Calder
    Lee Richardson
    Tom Carlon
    Joe Henry

    If anyone is looking for any of them please email [email protected] with your tradelists.


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    05-06 Blaze Added

    05-06 Coventry Blaze Added


    Silver Jody Lehman 05-06 Steelers