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  • Updated Trade List....

    St. John Sea Dogs 2005-06

    Bergeron, Charles Forward
    Labonté, Alexandre Forward
    Schutz, Felix Forward
    Laberge, Jonathan Forward
    Coughlin, Kevin Forward
    Bartos, Martin Forward
    Neil, Mike Forward
    Leask, Patrick Forward
    Moore, Ryan Forward
    Sparling, Ryan Forward
    Lambert, Vincent Forward
    Monahan, Alexandre Forward
    Melanson, Luc Forward
    Grant, Alex Defence
    Archambault, Cédric Defence
    Côté, Jean-Philippe Defence
    Caron, Jeff Defence
    MacLellan, Jevin Defence
    Dubuc, Maxime Defence
    Rioux, Sébastien Defence
    Block, Matthew Defence

    P.E.I. Rocket 2005-2006

    Marc Andre Gragnani
    Travis Mealy
    Jean Claude Milot
    Pascal Lebel
    Chad Locke
    Anton Skorykh (2)
    Matthew Lachaine (2)
    Simon Bolduc
    Danny Stewart (2)
    Olivier Gauthier (2)
    Stephen Lund
    Simon Bolduc
    Tyler Hawes (2)
    Nicolas Leduc
    Lucas Steciuk (2)
    Steve Natywary
    Joseph Haddad
    Slava Trukhno
    Stanson Donovan

    P.E.I. Rocket 2004-05

    Michel Charette
    Michael Dubuc
    Jean Francois Boucher
    Pierre Bergeron

    P.E.I. Rocket 2003-04

    Jean Francois Roux
    Yannick Charron
    Steve Tilley
    Jonathan Persson
    Tyler Hawes
    Tyler Noye
    Milan Hruska
    Julien Beaulieu

    I will be getting sets of the 05-06 Moncton Wildcats shortly.

    Maxime Desruisseaux 03-04 Moncton Wildcats
    Darryl Boyce 03-04 St Mikes Majors
    Connor Cameron 03-04 St Mikes Majors
    David Ling 2002 Columbus Bluejackets
    Derek Clancey (C) 2001 Jackson Bandits
    95-96 Split Second
    Brent Gretzky St. John's maple Leafs
    Ken Belanger St. John's maple leafs
    Steffan walby St. John's Maple Leafs
    NHL cards to trade
    There are a few NHL cards I also have which I purchased from someone who
    told me they were "rookie cards"
    I'm not sure if they are or not as the cards I collect are mostly minor
    league ones.
    Score #436 Keith Primeau 1990
    Pro card#24 Robert Holik 1990
    Pro card #604 Sergei Federov 1990
    Pee chee #348 Mike Modano 1990
    Pee chee #25 Tie Domi 1991
    Pee chee #7 jeremy Roenick 1990
    Score #151 Curtis Joseph 1990
    Pro card# 598 Ed Belfour

    These are all 7th inning sketch cards and you can have 5 or more of these
    for anyone card on my want list
    All the QMJHL cards are from 1990 and
    I have these cards:
    OHA 1990 cards I have
    10,12,13,16,21,24,29,77,81,100,124,139,142,152,176 ,185,186,191,
    197,199,200,213,226,228,230,232,286,295300,325,330 ,335,336,
    WHL cards I have from 1991
    28,30,33,40,59,78,81,88,91,94,98,103,109,110,113,1 44,151,161
    191,209,210,214,222,230,243,247,251,255,258,260,26 1,264,
    266,270,278,286,290,294,296,300,304,306,309,315,31 7,330,

    If interested let me know.
    Thanks for looking.
    [email protected]