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Admirals ECHL Flea Market Jackpot

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  • Admirals ECHL Flea Market Jackpot

    Found a great lot of Hampton Roads Admirals memorabilia today at a devorcie's stand at a flea market in western NC (her Ex was a body guard at the games). The lot includes a 1996-97 Program, 1998-99 10th Aniversary card set (complete, was stored in case), and a CCM replia jersey that appears to have signatures from most (if not all) members of the 1994-95 team including...
    How cool is that??? I'm still trying to figure out the last couple of AU's and one I think is destined for obscurity unless you recognize it. Speaking of which, sorry, I don't have a pic available - no camera! Email me for a excel worksheet of the individual AU's I've been able to identify.
    I'll only trade/sell the lot as a whole, just because I think it's that friggin cool of a collection. Be forewarned, I'm going to haggle like there's no tomorrow, again, cause I think this is just a way-cool lot and wouldn't part with it unless someone offers something just as cool.

    I'm into Carolina Hurricanes (thus the username) and their Lowell affiliate. Favorite players include:
    Ron Francis
    Erik Cole
    Eric Staal
    Josef Vasicek
    Brad Fast
    Sean Hill

    Would love to get a hold of one of the special GU third jerseys from 2004-05 Lock Monsters (used for president's day, I believe? auctioned on Ebay by the team earlier this year). That would be too cool. I'd have to throw in a couple extras for one of those...

    I'm new to online trading/buying, but you can read my feedbacks from buys on ebay (same username), so trade with confidence.
    Thanks for reading!

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    Will you do this trade?

    I will trade you the 1998-99 10th Aniversary card set for a 2003-04 Lowell Lockmonsters set or a 2004-05 Lowell Lockmonsters set. Please let me know. Thank you, Tim

    [email protected]


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      Hey Tim
      I'd really like to keep the lot together...
      Is the 2004-05 LM set the Choice Marketing set or the other perforated JDCU set? I'll probably cave for the Choice Marketing set...


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        I have both

        I have both sets let me know what one you want.


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          Why do you consider the Choice Marketing set to be more desirable? That one was sold, while the other was given away.



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            Really? Didn't know that. Just knew that the JDCU was perforated - thus not as pretty :-)
            Let me think about it tonight.
            Has the 2004-05 JDCU set been cut?


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              Let me know soon.

              Yes, let me know soon as someone else wishes to have it. Thank you, Tim


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                It's on then!
                I've emailed you, Tim


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                  Thanks for the trade

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                  thanks again, Tim


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                    Do you have an extra card of Dave Flanagan from the 10th anniv. set?


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                      Looking for a Jon Sorge lowell lockmonster card(2)