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Lionmaniac's Tradelist Part 1

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  • juniormanic
    hi i do need the mission de sorel cards to complete myset.we could workout some deal

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  • juniormanic
    hi need from the st.jean mission cards the following cards;

    cobb,hamelin.vezina.debendect,roger,sabrocca.bilod eau,gaetz

    e-mail me at;[email protected]

    hope to heart from you soon


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  • juniormanic
    have have sets that we can trade for

    e-mail at;[email protected]

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  • juniormanic

    PLEASE REPLY TO [email protected]

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  • Metalfussel
    please show in the post from lionmaniac. the last edit is in 2005!!


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  • juniormanic
    Hi Send 2 E-mails Last Week For The Mission And St Georges Garaga Set.can You Answer My E-mail.intrested In Buying Both Sets.


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  • Anesio

    WOW! i think will a little be hard find those cards..

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  • 2bob4
    looking some cards from your tradelist

    Hi Marcus

    Dont have any trades to you, im very interested to buy some cards, payment
    paypal or bank transfer, shipping to finland. could offer you 75,- euros
    by the way your email adress aint working, every mail comes bumerang back.

    97-98 sudbury wolves anniversary set Dale Hunter
    03-04 springfield falcons 8x10" photocards Marty mcsorley, Trevor gillies
    00-01 springfield falcons 8x10" photocards Marc potvin, francois leroux
    87-88 Sault ste marie greyhounds PLAY Peter fiorentino, wayne muir
    99-00 Michigan k-wings EBK Mel angelstad
    92-93 Fort wayne komets Steve fletcher, Scott Gruhl
    03-04 Laredo Bucks James Hiebert
    88-89 St Louis blues Kodak Craig coxe, Todd Ewen
    89-90 Jets Safeway Brent Hughes
    02-03 Toronto maple leafs postcards Wade Belak
    93-94 Canucks coins Gerald diduck, gino odjick
    93-94 Florida panthers Start-o-matic Brent Severyn
    03-04 Dallas Stars postcards Aaron Downey
    93-94 flyers postcards Dave Brown


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  • juniormanic

    E-MAIL AT; [email protected]

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  • juniormanic
    Intrested In The St Jean Mission 03-04 And The St Georges Partial Set

    I Do Not Have Anything From Your Wantlist

    E-mail Me At;[email protected]

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  • Luciano23
    sounds good to me

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  • lionmaniac
    started a topic Lionmaniac's Tradelist Part 1

    Lionmaniac's Tradelist Part 1

    Hello to all hockey playercard traders and collectors all over the world, my name is Marcus and I´m from Germany. I´m collecting playercards, stickers, team postcards, pogs, team issue cards and other items of former and actual players and coaches of my favourite german hockey team - the FRANKFURT LIONS [DEL Champions 2003/2004 :-))))] for a few years. Momentally my collection for these cards consists of nearly 6.000 cards and other items !
    I´m always looking for cards from my wantlist to complete my collection. So, please let me know if you could offer any of the cards from my wantlist. Please use this link http://www.hockeydb.com/vb/showthrea...&threadid=6349 to check to my Minor League and European cards wantlist. For my complete wantlist with NHL cards, please send an e-mail. Thanks for your help.
    You can offer any cards of the players who are listed below because I know that there are more cards of these players and coaches existing which I didn´t know yet. I will let you know if I can use these cards for my collection. Thanks for your help again.
    If you prefer to trade cards I could offer over 10.000 different Minor League and NHL playercards, stickers, pogs, stamps, key tags, food issues and team issues. For my complete tradelist with NHL cards, please send an e-mail.
    So, please let me know if you could need anything from my tradelist. The following tradelist is only an uncomplete list without NHL cards. So, if you want to get my actual and complete want- and tradelists, please send an e-mail to : [email protected]. Thanks for your help. Marcus

    ((( ))) = Pending

    You can use the following links for part 2 and 3 of my tradelist : Part 2 http://www.hockeydb.com/vb/showthread.php?t=10121 and Part 3 http://www.hockeydb.com/vb/showthread.php?t=10122


    1996-97 Albany River Rats/ Split Second
    Bobby House

    1997-98 Albany River Rats/ Split Second
    Bobby House

    1992-93 Anaheim Bullfrogs Star Image /RHI
    Header Card,Maury Silver [Owner],Stuart Silver [President/CEO],Grant Sonier [Assistant Coach],Barry Potomski,Bob McKillop,Rob Laurie,Bill Horn,Savo Mitrovic,Chris McSorley [Head Coach],Christian LaLonde,Joe Cook,Brad McCaughey

    1993-94 Atlanta Knights
    CL Header Card/Checklist,Jeff Buchanan,Colin Miller,Jeff Madill,Martin Tanguay,Stan Drulia,Chris LiPuma,Cory Cross,Christian Campeau,Tim Bergland,Gene Ubriaco [Coach]

    1994-95 Atlanta Knights
    Checklist,Chris Nelson,Allen Pedersen,Colin Miller,Peter Ferraro,Chris Ferraro,Stan Drulia,Allan Egeland,Aaron Gavey,Jeff Toms,Chris LiPuma,Cory Cross,John Paris [Coach],Scott Gordon [Assistant Coach], Sir Hat Trick [Mascot]

    1995-96 Atlanta Knights/ Edge Ice
    Corey Beaulieu,Ryan Brown,Christian Campeau,Stan Drulia,Allan Egeland,Bob Halkidis,Alexandre LaPorte,Chris LiPuma,Jeff Toms,John Paris [Head Coach],Scott Gordon [Assistant Coach],Kurt Harvey [Head Trainer],Sir Hat Trick [Mascot]

    2000-01 Bakersfield Condors/ [WCHL]
    Dan Currie

    1989-90 Belleville Bulls/ Seventh Inning Sketch OHL
    Bob Berg,Richard Fatrola,Craig Fraser,Brent Gretzky,Jake Grimes,Darren McCarty,Ted Miskolczi,Gordon Pell,John Porco,Ken Rowbotham,Shawn Way,Greg Bignell,Scott Boston,Scott Feasby,Derek Morin,Sean O’Reilly,Jason Skellett,Greg Dreveny,Jeff Fife,Rob Stopar,Joe Desrosiers [Trainer],Danny Flynn [Head Coach],Dr. R.L. Vaughan [Owner]

    1994-95 Binghamton Rangers/ Classic
    Craig Duncanson,Dave Smith,Ken Gernander,Eric Cairns,Jeff Nielsen,Joby Messier,Darren Langdon,Mike McLaughlin,Jean-Yves Roy,Peter Fiorentino,Barry Richter,Jamie Ram

    1995-96 Binghamton Rangers/ Split Second
    Rick Willis,Jon Hillebrandt,Ken Gernander,Eric Cairns,Sylvain Blouin,Andy Silverman,Chris Ferraro,Shawn Reid,Jamie Ram,Daniel Lacroix,Andrei Kudinov,Cal McGowan,Jeff Nielsen,Peter Ferraro,Maxim Galanov,George Burnett [Head Coach],Mike Busniuk [Assistant Coach]

    1984-85 Brandon Wheat Kings/ P.L.A.Y.
    Brent Mireau,Byron Lomow,Dean Shaw,Dean Sexsmith,Brad Mueller,John Dzikowski,Artie Feher,Pat Loyer,Murray Rice, Perry Faffard,Lee Trim,Dan Hart,Trent Ciprick,Jeff Waver,Jack Sangster [Coach],Darwin McPherson,Boyd Lomow,Paul More

    1987-88 Brockville Braves/ P.L.A.Y.
    Brockville Police,Steve Harper [Trainer],Peter Kelly [Trainer],Mac McLean [Coach /G.M.],Mike McCourt,Paul McLean,Mark Michaud,Alain Marchessault,Tom Roman,Darren Burns,Scott Halpenny,Ray Gallagher,Bob Lindsay,Brett Harkins,Dave Hyrsky,Richard Marchessault,Scott Boston,Steve Hogg,Chris Webster,Stuart Birnie,Brett Dunk,Charles Cusson,Pat Gooley,Andy Rodman,Peter Radlein

    1998-99 Chicago Wolves/ Turner Cup Champions (97-98)
    Wendell Young,John Anderson [Coach],Paul Koch,Marc Potvin,Steve Maltais,Jamie Baker,Dennis Vial,Tom Tilley,Steve Martins,Matt Martin,Tim Bergland

    1999-00 Chicago Wolves/ Campaign Communications
    Header Card/PHPA Web Site [Sponsor],Wendell Young,Dallas Eakins,Steve Maltais,Brian Noonan,Guy Larose,Glen Featherstone,Tom Tilley,Dean Malkoc,Dave Mackey,Dan Plante,Chris LiPuma,Daniel Lacroix,John Anderson [Head Coach],Marty Howe [Assistant Coach],Skates [Mascot]

    2001-02 Chicago Wolves/ AHL
    Bryan Adams,Jeff Dessner

    1993-94 Cincinnati Cyclones/ Cincinnati Bell Telephone
    Header Card/Checklist,Doug Barrault,Chris Cichocki,Dallas Eakins,Jeff Greenlaw,Ian Kidd,Marc LaBelle,Paul Lawless,Ray LeBlanc,Jamie Linden,Jaroslav Nedved,Darcy Norton,Jeff Serowik,Scott Shaunessy,Brad Smyth,Dennis Desrosiers [Coach],Richard Kromm [Assistant Coach],Wildman Walker [P.A. Announcer],Mr. Cyclone [Mascot],Mike Spilman [Team Therapist],Steve Benoit [Equipment Manager],Terry Ficorelli [Radio Announcer]

    1994-95 Cincinnati Cyclones
    Doug Barrault,Chris Bergeron,Chris Cichocki,Dallas Eakins,Jeff Greenlaw,Sergei Kharin,Marc LaBelle,Paul Lawless,Sean McCann,Don Jackson [Coach],Richard Kromm [Assistant Coach],Mark Mills [Trainer/Equipment],Nick Kenney [Assistant Trainer],Ray Pack [Asst. Equip Manager],Terry Ficorelli [Voice of the Cyclones],Snowbird [Mascot],Wildman & Pete [Radio Announcers]

    1998-99 Cincinnati Cyclones/ Bell Telephone
    Todd Hawkins,Ed Patterson,Doug Macdonald,Todd Simon,Gilbert Dionne,Eric Dandenault

    1992-93 Cleveland Lumberjacks
    Header Card,Larry Gordon [GM],Paul Laus,Gilbert Delorme [Coach],David Quinn,Perry Ganchar,Todd Nelson,Dave Michayluk,Bert Godin [Trainer],Sandy Smith,Rob Melanson,Mark Major,Paul Dyck

    1994-95 Cleveland Lumberjacks/ IHL
    Rick Paterson [Head Coach],Philippe DeRouville,Mike Dagenais,Chris Tamer,Eric Murano,Brad Lauer,Ian Moran,Brian Farrell,Jeff Christian,Larry DePalma,Joe Dziedzic,Domenic Pittis,Perry Ganchar,Ed Patterson,Ladislav Karabin,Dave Michayluk [Assistant Coach],Michal Straka,Corey Beaulieu,Olie Sundstrom,Dale DeGray

    1994-95 Cleveland Lumberjacks/ Postcards
    Rick Paterson [Coach],Mike Dagenais,Ian Moran,Brian Farrell,Larry DePalma,Joe Dziedzic,Perry Ganchar,Dave Michayluk [Assistant Coach],Dale DeGray

    1995-96 Cleveland Lumberjacks/ Edge Ice
    Logo Card,Bill Armstrong,Dave Baseggio,Oleg Belov,Stefan Bergkvist,Jock Callander,Corey Foster,Dave Michayluk,Mark Osborne,Perry Ganchar [Assistant Coach],Rick Paterson [Head Coach]

    1997-98 Cleveland Lumberjacks/ Nabisco
    Perry Ganchar [Head Coach],Mark Osborne [Assistant Coach],Dave Baseggio,Stefan Bergkvist,Jock Callander,Mark Cornforth,Joe Dziedzic,Vadim Epantchisev,Brett Harkins,Pat Jablonski,Alexei Krivchenkov,Chris Longo,Mike Tamburro,Darren Wetherill,PHPA Web Site [Promo Card]

    1997-98 Cleveland Lumberjacks/ Postcards
    Perry Ganchar [Head Coach],Mark Osborne [Assistant Coach],Darren Wetherill,Dave Baseggio,Chris Longo,Jock Callander,Joe Dziedzic,Mark Cornforth,Vadim Epantchisev,Jason McBain,Alexei Krivchenkov,Stefan Bergkvist,Brett Harkins,Mike Tamburro,Buzz [Mascot]

    2000-01 Cleveland Lumberjacks/ The Peaks Sport Medicine
    Christian Matte (signed),Eric Charron (signed)

    2002-03 Columbus Cottonmouths/ ECHL
    Chad Hamilton,Jeff Zehr,Larry Kish,Randy Scrimpshire/Joe Leftcourt,Mike Morrison,Matus Kostur,Phil Cole,Carlyle Lewis,Bart Rushmer

    1996-97 Detroit Vipers/ Ameritech
    Peter Ciavaglia,Bob Jay,Stan Drulia,Sergei Samsonov,Dan Kesa,Jeff Reese

    1997-98 Detroit Vipers/ Ameritech
    Trent McCleary,Johan Hedberg

    1998-99 Detroit Vipers/ Freschetta
    Mike Prokopec

    1999-00 Detroit Vipers/ Omnipoint
    Steve Walker,Peter Ciavaglia,Zac Bierk,Dale Rominski,Kyle Freadrich,Samuel St. Pierre

    2003-04 Everett Silvertips/ Grandstand [WHL]
    Everett Silvertips [Checklist],Bryan Nathe,Marc Desloges,Jovan Matic,Mike Wall,Michael Wuchterl,Mark Kress,Devin Wilson,Martin Ruzicka,Curtis Billsten,Barry Horman,Shaun Heshka,Jeff Schmidt,Cody Thoring,Ryan Blatchford,Torrie Wheat,Mitch Love,Devin Welsh,Riley Armstrong,Tyler Dietrich,John Dahl,Jeff Harvey,Ivan Baranka,Doug Soetaert [VP/General Manager],Kevin Constantine [Head Coach],John Becanic [Assistant Coach],Jay Varady [Assistant Coach]

    1992-93 Fort-Wayne Komets/ IHL
    Ralph Barahona,Ian Boyce,Igor Chibirev,Colin Chin,Sylvain Couturier,Lee Davidson,Guy Dupuis,Steven Fletcher,Dave Gagnon,Scott Gruhl,Peter Hankinson,Bob Jay,Kory Kocur,Bob Lakso,Carey Lucyk,Kevin MacDonald,Dan Ratushny,Dave Smith,Bob Wilkie,Paul Willett,Steve Wilson,Al Sims [Coach],Derek Ray [Associate Coach],The Franke Brothers,Kurt Skinner [Equipment Manager],Eddie Sink [Equipment Manager]

    1994-95 Fort-Wayne Komets
    Colin Chin,Steve Fletcher,Vladimir Tsyplakov,John Purves,Scott Burfoot,Chris Rowland,Peter Ing,Paul Willett,Peter Sidorkiewicz,Ian Boyce,Steve Bancroft,Jeff Rohlicek,Jason Renard,Radek Hamr,Kelly Hurd,Carey Lucyk,Darin Smith,Derek Ray [Co-Coach],Joe Franke [Trainer],Icy [Mascot]

    2002-03 Fort-Wayne Komets Choice Marketing/ Comcast
    Checklist,Marc Barlow,David-Alexandre Beauregard,Kevin Bertram,Ken Boone,Colin Chaulk,Joe Franke,Kevin Kotyluk,Tom Lawson,Michel Massie,Troy Neumeier,Jake Ortmeyer,Kelly Perrault,Kevin Schmidt,Jason Selleke,Ryan Severson,Bart Stevens,Bobby Stewart,Dustin Virag,Icy D. Eagle [Mascot],Greg Puhalski [Head Coach]

    2002-03 Fort-Wayne Komets Giveaway Set/ Shoe Carnival
    Kelly Perrault,David Beauregard,Jake Ortmeyer,Michel Massie,Tom Lawson,Bobby Stewart,Ryan Severson,Kevin Bertram,Marc Barlow,Dustin Virag,Icy D. Eagle [Mascot],Kevin Schmidt,Colin Chaulk,Adam Lewis

    1993-94 Fredericton Canadiens
    Header Card,Martin Brochu,Christian Proulx,Brent Bilodeau,Oleg Petrov,Christian Lariviere,Craig Darby,Craig Ferguson,Robert Guillet,Charles Poulin,Lindsay Vallis,Mario Doyon,Kevin Darby,Ryan Kuwabara,Yves Sarault,Turner Stevenson,Donald Brashear,Marc Laniel,Tony Prpic,Gerry Fleming,Craig Fiander,Kevin O’Sullivan,Tricolo [Mascot],Paulin Bordeleau [Coach],Luc Gauthier [Assistant Coach],Jacques Parent [Physical Therapist],Patrick Langlois [Equipment Manager],Denis Oulette [Assistant]

    1984-85 Fredericton Express/ CFNB/Pepsi
    David Shaw,Bruce Holloway,Roger Haegglund,Neil Belland,Gord Donnelly,David Bruce,Claude Julien,Dan Wood,Clint Malarchuk,Michel Bolduc,Peter Loob,Steve Driscoll,Newell Brown,Jim Dobson,Wendell Young,Mark Kumpel,Mike Eagles,Grant Martin,Andy Schliebener,Earl Jessiman [Coach/GM],Yvon Vautour,Craig Coxe,Blake Wesley

    1985-86 Fredericton Express/ CFNB/Pepsi
    Scott Tottle,David Bruce,Marc Crawford,Gary Lupul,Mike Hough,Dunc MacIntyre,Wendell Young,Jean-Marc Lanthier,Claude Julien,Luc Guenette,Andy Schliebener,Mark Kirton,Gord Donnelly,Daniel Poudrier,Neil Belland,Dale Dunbar,Marty Flynn/Scott Beckingham [Trainers],Jean-Marc Gaulin,Al MacAdam,Andre Savard [Coach/GM]

    1997-98 Grand-Rapids Griffins/ Split Second
    Tom Ashe,Danton Cole,Kerry Huffman,Glen Metropolit,Todd Nelson,Ed Patterson,Bruce Ramsay,Travis Richards,Matt Ruchty,Darcy Simon,Brian Sullivan,Dean Trboyevich,Dave Allison[Head Coach],Curtis Hunt [Assistant Coach],Griff [Mascot],PHPA Web Site [Promo Card]

    1999-00 Grand Rapids Griffins/ Split Second
    Mike Fountain

    2000-01 Grand-Rapids Griffins/ Split Second
    Mathieu Chouinard,Ivan Ciernik,Ilja Demidov,Sean Gagnon,Derek King,Joel Kwiatkowski,Kip Miller,Travis Richards,Petr Schastlivy,Chris Szysky,Todd White,Danton Cole [Assistant Coach]

    1997-98 Guelph Storm
    Header Card,Chris Thompson,Chris Madden,Joey Bartley,Chris Hajt,Mike Dombkiewicz,Ian Forbes,Lindsay Plunkett,Matt Lahey,Bohuslav Subr,Bob Crummer,Andrew Long,Brian Willsie,John Zubyck,Dusty Jamieson,Eric Beaudoin,Jason Jackman,George Burnett,Rick Allain,Spyke,Guelph Police,Burger King,Burger King,Domino´s Pizza,Domino´s Pizza

    1990-91 Halifax Citadels
    Mike Bishop,Gerald Bzdel,Daniel Dore,David Espe,Stephane Fiset,Scott Gordon,Stephane Guerard,Dean Hopkins [Assistant Coach],Jeff Jackson,Clement Jodoin [Coach/GM],Claude Lapointe,Chris McQuaid [Equipment Manager],Kip Miller,Serge Roberge,Mike Shuman [Trainer],Greg Smyth,Trevor Stienburg,Mark Vermette

    1992-93 Hamilton Canucks
    Opening Night Puck Drop,Shawn Antoski,Robin Bawa,Jassen Cullimore,Alain Deeks,Troy Gamble,Dane Jackson,Dan Kesa, Mario Marois,Jay Mazur,Mike Maurice,Stephane Morin,Doug Torrel,Jack McIlhargey [Coach],Matt Newsom [GM],Doug Tretiak [Trainer],Jamie Carlson [Trainer],Pat Hickey [Public Relations],Jeff Lumby [Morning DJ]

    1992-93 Hampton-Roads Admirals/ Ward’s Corner Sporting Goods
    Paul Krepelka,Claude Barthe,Steve Poapst,Kelly Sorensen,Trevor Duhaime,Steve Mirabile,Kurt Kabat,Jason Rathbone,Al MacIsaac,Brian Martin,Harry Mews,Steve Martell,Chris Scarlata [Trainer]

    1993-94 Hampton-Roads Admirals/ Ward’s Corner Sporting Goods
    Ron Pascucci,Daniel Chaput,Darren Perkins,Brendan Curley,Dennis McEwen,Kelly Sorensen,Steven Perkovic,Shawn Wheeler,Jason MacIntyre,Shamus Gregga,Al MacIsaac [Assistant Coach],Rick Burrill [Athletic Trainer]

    1996-97 Hampton-Roads Admirals/ Q-Cards
    Darryl Paquette,Mike Larkin,Alexander Alexeev,Joel Theriault,Andy Weidenbach,Alain Savage,Randy Pearce,Chad Ackerman,Alexei Krivchenkov,John Brophy [Head Coach],Al MacIsaac [Assistant Coach],Gary Mansfield [Equipment Manager]/Kevin “Stu” Bender [Trainer],Header Card [Team Photo]

    2002-03 Hershey Bears/ The Patriot News
    Eric Bertrand

    1995-96 Houston Aeros/ Edge Ice
    Scott Arniel,Gord Donnelly,Rob Dopson,Mark Freer,Troy Gamble,Curtis Hunt,Steve Jaques,Gord Kruppke,Kevin Malgunas,Mike Maurice,Myles O’Connor,Graeme Townshend,Mike Yeo,Dave Tippett

    1992-93 Indianapolis Ice
    Kevin Hodson,Dave Hakstol,Steve Bancroft,Milan Tichy,Mike Speer,Sean Williams,Owen Lessard,Tony Hrkac,Kevin St. Jacques,Tony Horacek,Shawn Byram,Tracy Egeland,Trevor Dam,Rob Conn,Joe Crowley,Sergei Krivokrasov,Joe Cleary,Rod Buskas,Ray LeBlanc,Zac Boyer,Kerry Toporowski,Jim Payfair [Assistant Coach] /John Marks [Coach]

    1993-94 Indianapolis Ice/ MJ’s Collectibles
    Hugo Belanger,Zac Boyer,Shawn Byram,Rob Conn,Joe Crowley,Karl Dykhuis,Dino Grossi,Dave Hakstol,Bobby House,Tony Horacek,Bob Kellogg,Sergei Krivokrasov,Kevin St. Jacques,Mike Speer,Duane Sutter [Coach],Gene ‘Van’ Parfet [Trainer],Polar Bear [Mascot]

    1994-95 Indianapolis Ice/ Classic
    Bob Kellogg,Hugo Belanger,Jeff Shantz,Tony Horacek,Mike Pomichter,Craig Fisher,Bobby House,Andy MacIntyre,Rob Conn,Karl Dykhuis,Dean Malkoc,Sergei Krivokrasov,Bogdan Savenko,Matt Oates,Christian Soucy,Travis Thiessen,Duane Sutter [Head Coach],Indianapolis Ice [Team Photo]

    1995-96 Indianapolis Ice/ Edge Ice
    Bill Armstrong,James Black,Jeff Buchanan,Ryan Huska,Eric Lecompte,Andy MacIntyre,Eric Manlow,Steve McLaren,Ethan Moreau,Mike Prokopec,Andre Racicot,Jeff Serowik,Christian Soucy

    1997-98 Indianapolis Ice
    Bob Ferguson [Head Coach],Chris Mizer [Head Trainer],Jim Stucky [Equipment Manager],Kory Cooper,Glen Featherstone,Ryan Huska,Marc Lamothe,Eric Manlow,Craig Mills,Frank Musil,Dmitri Nabokov,Alain Nasreddine,Steve Tardif,Marty Wilford,Alfie Michaud,M.J.’s Collectibles [Sponsor],PHPA Web Site [Promo Card]

    2003-04 Kelowna Rockets Memorial Cup Champions 2003/ Extreme
    Tyler Mosienko,Troy Bodie,Blake Comeau,Simon Ferguson,Kelly Guard,Randall Gelech,Josh Gorges,Joni Lindlof,Mark Olafson,Cam Paddock,Brett Palin,Tyler Spurgeon,Shea Weber,Ryan Cuthbert,Jesse Schultz,Kiel McLeod,Tomas Slovak,Duncan Keith,Josh Lepp

    2003-04 Kelowna Rockets/ 1150 AM -- The Bullet
    Tyler Mosienko,Michal Blanar,Troy Bodie,Blake Comeau,Kyle Cumiskey,Darren Deschamps,Simon Ferguson,Kelly Guard,Randall Gelech,Josh Gorges,Brent Howarth,Justin Keller,Joni Lindlof,Mark Olafson,Cam Paddock,Brett Palin,Kevin Reinholt,Chris Ray,Tyler Spurgeon,Nolan Waker,Shea Weber,Derek Yeomans,Jeff Truitt [Associate Coach],
    Marc Habscheid [Head Coach],Rocky Raccoon [Mascot]

    1984-85 Kelowna Wings
    Gary Lupul,Ray Allison,Larry Payfair,Bob Bourne,Mel Bridgman,Brent Sutter,Garth Butcher,Danny Gare

    1996-97 Kentucky Thoroughblades/ Split Second
    Steve Webb,Rupp Arena [Opening Night],AHL Web Site [Promo Card],Jason Holland,Alexandre Boikov,Alexei Yegorov,Jarrett Deuling,Chris LiPuma,Jason Strudwick,Sean Haggerty,Lance Leslie,Jamie Ram,Steve Guolla,PHPA Web Site [Promo Card]

    1983-84 Kitchener Rangers/ P.L.A.Y.
    Joe Mantione,Jim Quinn,Team Logo/Checklist,Rob MacInnis,Louie Berardicurti,Neil Sandilands,Darren Wright,Tom Barrett [G.M./Coach],Brian Wilks,Garnet McKechney,David Bruce,Kent Paynter,P.L.A.Y.-Rules Card,Scott Kerr,Greg Puhalski,Wayne Presley,Shawn Burr,Dave Latta,John Tucker,Harold Basse [Chief of Police],Tips on Collecting Cards,Peter Bakovic,Brian Ross,Brad Balshin,Dave Shaw,Chris Martin [Assistant Trainer],Les Bradley [Trainer],Ray LeBlanc

    1990-91 Kitchener Rangers/ P.L.A.Y.
    Police Logo-Card,Harold Basse [Chief of Police],Joe McDonnell [G.M./Coach],Rick Chambers [Trainer],Team Logo/Checklist,Len DeVuono,John Uniac,Steve Smith,Rob Stobar,Tony McCabe,Jason Firth,Joey St.Aubin,Richard Borgo,Jeff Szeryk,Derek Gauthier,Jamie Israel,Gib Tucker,Brad Barton,Chris LiPuma,Justin Cullen,Optimist´s Club Sponsor-Card,Rod Saarinen,Jack Williams,Steven Rice,Optimist´s Club Sponsor-Card

    2003-04 Laredo Bucks/ Booster Club [UHL]
    Mike Amodeo,Max Birbraer,Serge Dube,Chris Grenville,David Guerrera,James Hiebert,Dion Hyman,Bobby-Chad Mitchell,Patrik Nilson,Adam Paiement,Gabriel Proulx,Steve Simoes,Mike Vellinga,Steve Weidlich,Terry Ruskowski [Head Coach],Derek Craft [Equipment Manager],
    Bobby Moore [Athletic Trainer]

    1994-95 Las-Vegas Thunder Photo 8X10
    Alex Hicks (signed)

    1994-95 Las-Vegas Thunder/ Classic
    James Black,Radek Bonk,Bob Joyce,Jim Kyte,Andrew McBain,David Neilson,Jeff Reid,Marc Rodgers,Jeff Sharples,Kerry Toporowski,Bob Strumm [Head Coach],Sal Lombardi [Equipment Manager],Rich Campbell [Athletic Therapist],Boom-Boom [Mascot],Lark & Craig [Rock & Roll Morning Show],Jerry Olenyn [Channel 3 Sports Anchor]

    1995-96 Las-Vegas Thunder/ Edge Ice
    Peter Fiorentino,Greg Hawgood,Sasha Lakovic,Gord Mark,Blaine Moore,Marc Rodgers,Ruslan Salei,Jeff Sharples,Todd Simon,Rhett Trombley,Vladimir Tsyplakov,Sergei Zholtok,Clint Malarchuk [Assistant Coach],Bob Strum [GM]

    1998-99 Las-Vegas Thunder/ Multi-Ad Sports
    Petr Franek

    1989-90 London Knights/ Seventh Inning Sketch OHL
    Todd Hlushko

    1998-99 Long-Beach Ice Dogs
    Doug Ast

    1999-00 Long-Beach Ice Dogs
    Rene Chapdelaine,Scott Thomas,Spike [Mascot],John Van Boxmeer [Head Coach]

    1998-99 Manitoba Moose/ Grapes
    Kent Fearns

    1983-84 Medicine Hat Tigers/ P.L.A.Y.
    Murray Craven,Shane Churla,Don Herczeg,Gary Johnson,Brent Kisilivich,Blair McGregor,Terry Knight,Mark Lamb,Al Pederson,Trevor Semeniuk,Dan Turner,Brent Steblyk,Rocky Trottier,Kevan Guy,Brent Meckling,Matt Kabayama,Gord Hynes,Daryl Henry,Jim Kambeitz,Mike Lay,Gord Shmyrko,Al Conroy

    1999-00 Michigan K-Wings/ EBK Sports
    Jamie Wright,Steve Gainey,Jon Sim,Gates Royer,Jeff MacMillan,Aaron Gavey,Evgeny Tsybouk,Marty Turco,Matt Martin,Ryan Christie,Mark Wotton,Brenden Morrow,Mel Angelstad,Richard Jackman,Roman Lyashenko,Logo Card,IHL/PHPA Web Site [Sponsor]

    1993-94 Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs/ Collect-A-Sport
    UMD Bulldogs [Cover Card],Mike Sertich [Coach],Niklas Axelson,David Buck,Brian Caruso,Marc Christian,Brad Federenko,Jason Garatti,Greg Hanson,Dan Jablonic,Kraig Karakas,Brett Larson,Taras Lendzyk,Derek Locker,Rod Miller,Rick Mrozik,Aaron Novak,Corey Osmak,Sergei Petrov,Jeff Romfo,Chris Sittlow,Joe Tamminen,Kyle Erickson/Adam Roy,Matt Christian/Chet Culic

    1991-92 Minnesota Golden Gophers MCI /NCAA/
    Scott Bell,Tony Bianchi,John Brill,Jeff Callinan,Joe Dziedzic,Sean Fabian,Jed Fiebelkorn,Nick Gerebi,Craig Johnson,Trent Klatt,Steve Magnusson,Jeff Nielsen,Brandon Steege,Todd Westlund,Doug Zmolek

    1983-84 Moncton Alpines
    Doug Messier [Coach],Marco Baron,Dwayne Boettger,Lowell Loveday,Joe McDonnell,Peter Dineen,John Blum,Steve Smith,Reg Kerr,Tom Rowe,Ross Lambert,Pat Conacher,Paul Miller,Bart Yachimec,Tom Gorence,Jeff Crawford,Serge Boisvert,Todd Bidner,Dean Dachyshyn,Ray Cote,Shawn Babcock,Shawn Dineen,Kevin Ferris/Charlie Lavallee [Trainers],Header Card/Checklist

    2003-04 Muskegon Fury/ Family Financial Credit Union [UHL]
    Scott Hollis,Jeff Nelson,Todd Nelson [Coach]

    1983-84 North-Bay Centennials
    Scot Birnie,John Capel,Curtis Collin,Rob Degagne,Mark Hatcher,Jim Hunter,Nick Kypreos,Greg Larsen,Kevin Hatcher,Mark La Varre,Brett MacDonald,Wayne Mac Phee,Peter Mc Grath,Rob Nichols,Ron Sanko,Kevin Vescio,Mike Webber,Peter Woodgate,Bert Templeton [G.M./Coach]

    1994-95 Oklahoma-City Blazers/ League Issue
    Ron Aubrey,Joe Burton,Tom Gomes,Sean Gorman,Chris Laganas,Chris McMurtry,Derry Menard,Trent Pankewicz,Alan Perry,Eric Plante,Dave Slifka,Steve Simoni,Michel St. Jacques,Mike McEwen [Coach]

    1995-96 Oklahoma-City Blazers/ League Issue
    Kevin Barrett,Carl Boudreau,Joe Burton,Dominic Fafard,Tom Gomes,Todd Harris,Mervin Kopeck,Doug Lawrence,Kevin Lune,Steve Moore,Darcy Pengelly,Barkley Swenson

    1982-83 Oshawa Generals/ P.L.A.Y.
    Team Logo-Card,Peter Sidorkiewicz,Dale Degray,Joe Cirella,Todd Smith,Scott Brydges,Jeff Steffen,Todd Hooey,Tony Tanti,Steve King,Dan Defazio,John MacLean,Tim Burgess,Mike Stern,Dan Nicholson,David Gans,John Hutchings,Norm Schmidt,Todd Charlesworth,Sherwood Bassin [G.M.],Police Logo-Card

    1989-90 Oshawa Generals/ Seventh Inning Sketch OHL
    Eric Lindros,Dale Craigwell,Clair Cornish,Jean-Paul Davis,Craig Donaldson,Wade Simpson,Mike Craig,Mark Deazeley,Brian Grieve,Dave Craievich,Paul O’Hagan,Matt Hoffman,Trevor McIvor,Cory Banika,Kevin Butt,Bill Armstrong,Scott Luik,Brent Grieve,Fred Brathwaite

    1990-91 Oshawa Generals/ P.L.A.Y.
    Oshawa Lions Club Logo Card,Mike Cote,Scott Luik,National Sports Centre Card,Rick Cornacchia [Coach],David Edwards [Chief of Police],Troy Sweet,Jan Benda,David Dorosh,Craig Lutes,Dave Craievich,Wade Simpson,Dale Craigwell,Oshawa Generals Team Card,Matt Hoffman,Paul O’Hagan,Brian Grieve,Mark Deazeley,B.J. MacPherson,Markus Brunner,Jean-Paul Davis,Oshawa Police Logo Card

    1982-83 Ottawa 67´s/ Coca-Cola
    Bruce Cassidy,Adam Creighton,Bill Dowd,Gord Hamilton [Assistant Coach/Manager],Gord C. Hamilton Jr.,Scott Hammond,Alan Hepple,Alan Hepple,Jim Jackson [Assistant Coach],Mike James,Brian Kilrea [Coach/G.M.],Paul Loutit,Brian McKinnon,Darren Pang,Larry Power,Brian Rome,Darc T. Roy,Doug Stewart,Larry MacAndrew [Trainer]

    1984-85 Ottawa 67’s/ Coca-Cola
    Tom Allen,Graydon Almstedt,Bill Bennett,Bruce Cassidy,Tony Geesink,Bob Giffin,John Hanna,Tim Helmer,Steve Hrynewich,Rob Hudson,Steve Kayser,Bill Kuchma,Mike Larouche,Richard Lessard,Gary Roberts,Jerry Scott,Greg Sliz,Chris Vickers,Bert Weir,Dennis Wigle,Tom Lawson [Assistant Manager],Jim Jackson [Assistant Trainer],John Shepherd [Director of PR/Marketing],Bob Ellett [Head Coach],Gord Thomas [Trainer]

    1993-94 Owen Sound Platers/ Domino's Pizza
    Jamie Storr (2 different versions),Jamie Storr [Goalie Mask]

    1992-93 Peoria Rivermen/ Coke/Kroeger
    Header Card,Checklist,Parris Duffus,Darren Veitch,Jason Marshall,Brian McKee,Ron Handy,Lee Leslie,Ron Hoover,Doug Wickenheiser,David Mackey,Joe Hawley,Kevin Miehm,Denny Felsner,Jeff Batters,Derek Frenette,Richard Pion,Shawn Wheeler,Brian Pellerin,Geoff Sarjeant,Daniel Laperriere,Rick Meagher [Coach],Mark Reeds [Assistant Coach],Greg Eberle [Trainer],John Faginkrantz [Equipment Manager]

    1989-90 Petersborough Petes/ Seventh Inning Sketch OHL
    Andrew Verner

    1993-94 Phoenix Roadrunners
    Tim Breslin,Brian Chapman,Stephane Charbonneau,Rick Dudley [Coach],David Goverde,Mark Hardy [Player/Assistant Coach],Dean Hulett,Bob Jay,Rick Knickle,Dominic Lavoie,Guy Leveque,Keith Redmond,Jim Maher,Dave Stewart,Dave Thomlinson,Brad Tiley,Jim Vesey,Darryl Williams

    1995-96 Phoenix Roadrunners/ Edge Ice
    Nicholas Vachon,Frederik Beaubien,John Blue,Mike Boback,Jim Burton,Dan Bylsma,Brian Chapman,Ken McRae,Barry Potomski,Daniel Rydmark,Jeff Shevalier,Jamie Storr,Dave Thomlinson,Jan Vopat,Steve Wissman [Equipment Manager]/ Scott Green [Trainer]/Jeff Adams [Assistant Equipment Manager],Rob Laird [Head Coach],Rocky Roadrunner [Mascot]

    1994-95 Portland Pirates/ Classic
    Ken Klee,Steve Poapst,Norm Batherson,Jeff Nelson,Kent Hulst,Mike Boback,Andrew Brunette,Chris Longo,Jason Christie,Kerry Clark,Jim Carey,Chris Jensen,Sergei Tertyshny,Brian Curran,Mike Parson,Kevin Kaminski,Todd Nelson

    1997-98 Portland Pirates/ Split Second
    Andrew Brunette,Sebastien Charpentier,Jason Christie,Benoit Gratton,David Harlock,Dwayne Hay,Kent Hulst,Kevin Kaminski,Mark Major,Rick Mrozik,Ryan Mulhern,Steve Poapst,Alexandre Volchkov,Jay Wells [Assistant Coach],Bryan Trottier [Head Coach],PHPA Web Site [Promo Card],AHL Web Site [Promo Card]

    2000-01 Quebec Citadelles/ [AHL]
    Eric Fichaud

    1980-81 Quebec Remparts
    Marc Bertrand,Jacques Chouinard,Roger Coté,Gaston Drapeau [Coach],Claude Drouin,Scott Fraser,Jean-Marc Lanthier,Jean Paul Lariviére,André Larocque,Marc Lemay,Paul Lévesque,Richard Linteau,Patrice Massé,David Pretty,Guy Thiel,Daniel Rioux,Gilles Tremblay

    1981-82 Regina Pats/ P.L.A.Y.
    Regina Pats Logo-Card,Garth Butcher,Marc Centrone,Dave Goertz,Evans Dobni,Jeff Crawford,Jim Clarke,Gary Leeman,Bruce Holloway,Ken Heppner,Taylor Hall,Kevin Pylypow,Ray Plamondon,Brent Pascal,Dave Michayluk,Barry Trotz,Al Tuer,Martin Wood,Regina Police Logo-Card

    1982-83 Regina Pats/ P.L.A.Y.
    Regina Pats/Police Logo-Card,Todd Lumbard,Jamie Reeve,Dave Goertz,Doug Trapp,R.J. Dundas,Stu Grimson,Al Tuer, Rick Herbert,John Bekkers,Nevin Markwart,Jeff Frank,Marc Centrone,Taylor Hall,Jeff Crawford,Don Boyd [Head Coach],Barry Trapp [Assistano Coach],K-9 Big Blue [Mascot]

    1991-92 Richmond Renegades/ Bleacher Bums
    Rob Vanderydt,Larry Rooney,Brendan Flynn,Scott Drevitch,Todd Drevitch,Paul Rutherford,Dave Aiken,Trevor Jobe,Bob Berg,Mark Kuntz,Joe Capprini,Trevor Converse,Steve Scheifele,Jon Gustafson,Marco Fuster,Guy Gadowsky,Dave Allison [Coach],Jamie McLennan

    1991-92 Richmond Renegades/ Richmond Comix & Cardz
    Paul Rutherford,Brendan Flynn,Rob Vanderydt,Larry Rooney,Pat Bingham,Will Averill,Dean Trboyevich,Steve Scheifele,Dave Aiken,Pete Liptrott,Daniel Rolfe,Todd Drevitch,Lyle Wildgoose,Kirby Lindal,Scott Jess [Trainer],Dave Allison [Coach],Jon Gustafson

    1996-97 Rimouski Oceanic [QMJHL]
    Nicolas Chabot

    1991-92 Rochester Americans/ Dunkin’ Donuts
    Peter Ciavaglia,Bob Corkum,Brian Curran,David DiVita,Jody Gage,Dan Frawley,Don McSween,Lindy Ruff

    1991-92 Rochester Americans/ Kodak
    Ian Boyce,Greg Brown,Keith Carney,Peter Ciavaglia,Bob Corkum,David DiVita,Dan Frawley,Jody Gage,Kevin Haller,David Littman,Steve Ludzik,Don McSween,Brad Miller,Sean O’Donnell,Lindy Ruff,Jiri Sejba,Don Lever [Coach],Terry Martin [Assistant Coach]

    1992-93 Rochester Americans/ Dunkin’ Donuts
    Peter Ambroziak,David DiVita,Dan Frawley,Jody Gage,Mike McLaughlin,Sean O’Donnell,Bruce Shoebottom

    1992-93 Rochester Americans/ Kodak
    Peter Ciavaglia,David DiVita,Dan Frawley,Jody Gage,Doug MacDonald,Mike McLaughlin,Sean O’Donnell,Bruce Shoebottom,Jeff Sirkka,Scott Thomas,John Van Boxmeer [Coach],Terry Martin [Assistant Coach],Moose [Mascot]

    1995-96 Rochester Americans/ Split Second
    Craig Charron,Dan Frawley,Jody Gage,Dane Jackson,Sergei Klimentiev,Jay Mazur,Scott Nichol,Rumun Ndur,Serge Roberge,Steve Shields,Robb Stauber,Mikhail Volkov,Dixon Ward,Bob Westerby,Mike Wilson,John Tortorella [Head Coach]

    2002-03 Rochester Americans/ Pepsi
    Craig Fisher,Greg Walters,Randy Cunneyworth,Mike Hurlbut,Tom Draper,Denis Hamel,Jason Mansoff,Jason Holland,Darren Van Oene,Dean Sylvester,Erik Rasmussen,Domenic Pittis,The Moose (Mascot),Brian McCutcheon [Head Coach],Jody Gage (Hall of Fame 1999),Shane Kenny,Steffon Walby

    1996-97 Saint-John Falmes/ Split Second
    Jamie Allison,Chris Dingman,Scott Fraser,Denis Gauthier,Patrik Haltia,(((Sami Helenius))),Marc Hussey,Marko Jantunen, Ladislav Kohn,Martin Lamarche,Jesper Mattsson,Keith McCambridge,Burke Murphy,Marty Murray,Paxton Schulte,Jarrod Skalde,Jason Smith,Clarke Wilm,Ravil Yakubov,Paul Baxter [Head Coach],Jeff Perry [Assistant Coach],Fleaburn [Mascot],AHL Web Site [Promo Card]

    1994-95 Sarnia Sting/ Slapshot
    Team Logo/Checklist-Card,Kam White,Joe Doyle,Tom Brown,Jeremy Miculinic,Darren Mortier,Aaron Brand,Chris George,Stephane Soulliere,Paul McInnes,Dustin McArthur,Rob Massa,B.J. Johnston,Rob Guinn,Damon Hardy,Matt Hogan,Sasha Cucuz,Rich Brown [Coach],Gord Hamilton [Trainer],Dino Ciccarelli/Shawn Burr [Owners],Buzz [Mascot],Slapshot Calendar-Card

    1987-88 Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds/ P.L.A.Y.
    Barry V. King [Police Chief],Mike Glover,Bob Jones,Dale Turnbull,Don McConnell,Steve Udvari,Shawn Simpson,Colin Ford,Steve Herniman,Don Boyd [Coach/G.M.],Peter Fiorentino,Jeff Columbus,Brad Stepan,Shane Sargant,Wayne Muir,Gary Luther,Harry Wolfe [Voice of the Greyhounds],Rod Thacker,Terry Tat/Ted Nolan/Mark Pavoni [Assistant Coaches],Brian Hoard,Glen Johnston

    1996-97 Seattle Thunderbirds
    Header Card,Cody Rudkowsky,Rod Leroux,Nathan Forster,Brad Swanson,Rick Berry,Paul Ferone,Jame Pollock,Tyler Willis,Chris Thompson,Patrick Marleau,Jouni Kuokkanen,Martin Cerven,Jeremy Reich,Brett DeCecco,Tony Mohagen,Torrey DiRoberto,Nick Szadkowski,Brian Ballman,Greg Kuznik,Randy Perry,Shawn Skolney,Kris Cantu,Shane Belter,Don Nachbaur [Coach],Rob Sumner [Assistant Coach],Curt Kamp [Trainer],Cool Bird [Mascot],T-Birds Through the Years [Past Season Records]

    1996-97 Springfield Falcons/ Split Second
    Jason McBain

    2000-01 Springfield Falcons 8 X 10 Photo Cards/ Howard Johnson Express Inn
    Jean-Guy Trudel (2 different),Jason Krog,Juraj Kolnik,David Cullen,Trent Hunter,Eric Healey,Anders Myrvold,Chris Winnes,Brad Ralph,Tavis Hansen,Ryan Lauzon,Rob Murray,Dave MacIntyre,Craig Mills,Wyatt Smith,Stu Bodtker,Scott Swanson,Ramzi Abid,Francois Leroux,Mathieu Biron,Justin Hocking,Dan Focht,Robert Schnabel,Stephen Valiquette,Patrick DesRochers,Marc Potvin [Head Coach],Norm MacIver [Asst. Coach],Screech [Mascot]

    2003-04 Springfield Falcons 8 X 10 Photo Cards/ The MRI Center
    Krystofer Kolanos,Goran Bezina,Chris Dyment,Bryan Helmer,Jeff Taffe,Mike Stutzel,Erik Westrum,Kiel McLeod,Peter Ferraro,Chris Ferraro,Jason Jaspers,Gary Shuchuk,Frank Banham,Fredrik Sjostrom,Martin Podlesak,Nikos Tselios,Frantisek Lukes,Mike Wilson,Trevor Gillies,Igor Knyazev,Michael Schutte,Dustin Wood,David NeNeveu,Ladislav Kouba,Jean-Marc Pelletier,Darren McLachlan,Gord Dineen [Assistant Coach],Marty McSorley [Head Coach],Screech [Mascot]

    2003-04 St. Georges-de-Beauce Garaga/ Extreme Sports Cards
    Kevin Cloutier,Philippe Deblois,Raymond Delarosbil,Jonathan Delisle,Carl Fleury,Francois Garand,Steve Gosselin,Jason Groleau,Daniel Laflamme,Jean-Yves Leroux,Dannick Lessard,Claude Morin, Normand Rochefort,Steve Tardif,Hugo Turcotte,Mathieu Vachon,Frederic Vermette

    2003-04 St. Jean Mission
    Murray Cobb,Hugo Hamelin,Steve Vezina,Sebastien Roger,Dan Zimmerman,Bobby Dollas,Dan Tice,Pierre Gendron,Christian Sbrocca,Luc Bilodeau,Eric McIntyre,Link Gaetz,Eric Lachapelle,Martin Dicaire,Rob Murphy,Ronny Valenti,Dominique Maltais,Daniel Guerard,Steven Low,Greg Davis,Guillaume Richard,Mario DeBenedicts,Alain Coté,Pierre Pelletier [Coach]

    1992-93 St. John's Maple Leafs / PHPA
    Patrick Augusta,Robert Cimetta,Ted Crowley,Guy Lehoux,Dave Tomlinson

    1993-94 St. John’s Maple Leafs
    Frank Bialowas,Terry Chitaroni,Marcel Cousineau,Curtis Hunt,Eric Lacroix,Matt Mallgrave,Grant Marshall,Ken McRae,Yanic Perreault,Bruce Racine, Damian Rhodes,Dan Stiver,Andy Sullivan,Marc Crawford [Head Coach],Buddy [Mascot]

    1994-95 St. John’s Maple Leafs / Classic
    Nathan Dempsey,Marc Hussey,Trent Cull,Janne Gronvall,Guy Leveque,Darby Hendrickson,Mark Kolesar,Brandon Convery,Robb McIntyre,Todd Warriner,Frank Bialowas,Patrik Augusta,David Harlock,Kenny Jonsson,Bruce Racine,Marcel Cousineau,Matt Martin

    1997-98 St. John’s Maple Leafs
    Marcel Cousineau,Aaron Brand,Francis Larivee,Kevyn Adams,Per Gustafsson,Jeff Ware,Ryan Pepperall,Mark Deyell,Nathan Dempsey,Daniil Markov,Shawn Thornton,D.J. Smith,Al MacAdam [Coach],Rich Brown [Assistant Coach]

    2000-01 St. John’s Maple Leafs/ Marie´s Deli
    Morgan Warren,D.J. Smith,Tyler Harlton,Syl Apps,Donald MacLean,Michal Travnicek,Mikael Hakansson,Jeff Farkas,Dmitrii Yakushin,Adam Mair,Frank Mrazek,Allan Rourke,Bobby House,Shawn Thornton,Chad Allan,Kevin McClelland [Assistant Coach],Lou Crawford [Head Coach],Buddy The Puffin [Mascot],Nathan Dempsey [All-Star],Felix Potvin [Flashback All-Star],Yanic Perreault [Flashback All-Star],Patrik Augusta [Flashback All-Star]

    2001-02 St. John´s Maple Leafs/ Newtel
    Nikolai Antropov,Luca Cereda,Christian Chartier,Nathan Dempsey,Doug Doull,Jeff Farkas,Paul Healey,Bobby House,Jacques Lariviere,Donald MacLean,Craig Mills,Frank Mrazek,Alexei Ponikarovsky,Allan Rourke,D.J. Smith,Petr Svoboda,Mikael Tellqvist,Mihail Travnicek,Morgan Warren,Marty Wilford,Bob Wren,Lou Crawford [Head Coach],Russ Adam [Assistant Coach],Kevin McClelland [Assistant Coach],Mike One Stadium,Buddy The Puffin [Mascot],AHL All-Star Game [Promo Card]

    1986-87 Sudbury Wolves/ P.L.A.Y.
    L´il Rookie/Checklist,Ted Mielczarek,Dan Gatenby,Todd Lalonde,Justin Corbeil,Jordan Fois,Rodney Lapointe,Dave Akey,Jim Smith,Fred Pennell,Joey Simon,Luciano Fagioli,Robb Graham,John Uniac,Dave Carrie,Pierre Gagnon,Peter Hughes,Scott McCullough,Dean Guitard,Pat Holley,Chad Badawey,Derek Thompson,Scott Luce,R.Zanibbi [Police Chief]

    1989-01 Sudbury Wolves/ P.L.A.Y.
    Scott Mahoney

    1990-91 Sudbury Wolves/ P.L.A.Y.
    Darryl Paquette,Adam Bennett,Barry Young,John Boeve,Kyle Blacklock,Sean O´Donnell,Wade Bartley,Jamie Matthews,Rod Hinks,Derek Etches,Bill Kovacs,Terry Chitaroni,Alastair Still,Alain Laforge,J.D. Eaton,Mike Peca,Howler [Mascot],Líl Rookie/Checklist,R.Zanibbi [Police Chief]

    1997-98 Sudbury Wolves 5 X 11 Anniversary Set
    Zdenek Nedved,Paul DiPietro,Rod Schutt,Dale Hunter,Todd Lalonde,Glen Murray,Mike Peca,Mike Wilson,Mike Foligno,Richard Rochefort,Matt Mulin,Brandon Convery,Pat Verbeek,Randy Carlyle,Roy Fitzpatrick,Jamie Matthews,Craig Duncanson,Ron Duguay,Rob Mazzuca,Don Beaupré

    1996-97 Syracuse Crunch/ Split Second
    Chad Allan,John Badduke,Lonny Bohonos,Larry Courville,Robb Gordon, Mark Krys,Chris McAllister,Tyson Nash,Bert Robertsson,Bogdan Savenko,Dave Scatchard,Darren Sinclair,Rod Stevens,Mark Wotton,Jack McIlhargey [Coach],Crunchman [Mascot],AHL Web Site [Promo Card], PHPA Web Site [Promo Card]

    1999-00 Syracuse Crunch/ Split Second
    Harold Druken,Matt Cooke,Zenith Komarniski,Ryan Ready,Brad Leeb,Trent Klatt,Lubomir Vaic,Ryan Bonni,Brent Sopel,Christian Bronsard,Barry Smith [Assistant Coach],Stan Smyl [Head Coach],Trevor Doyle,Ryan Shannon,Pat Kavanagh,Mike Brown,Tully’s Restaurant [Sponsor],Alfie Michaud

    1995-96 Thunder-Bay Senators/ Rising Star
    Omer Belisle,Brandon Christian,Jason Disher,Rival Fullum,Todd Howarth,Terry Menard,Derek Nicolson,Steve Parson,Darren Perkins,Neal Purdon,Pat Szturm

    1998-99 Thunder-Bay Thunder Cats/ Investors Group
    Jason Lehman,David Mayes,Alan Roulette,Shawn Smith

    1982-83 Victoria Cougars
    Dave Mackey,Mark McLeary,Ron Viglasi,Shawn Green,Brenn Leach,Jack,MacKeigan,Ray Benik,Steve Bayliss,Dan Moberg,Fabian Joseph,Mark Morrison,Curt Fraser,Gary Lupul,Grant Fuhr,Brad Palmer,Stu Kulak,John,Mokosak,Eric Thurston,Paul Cyr,Geoff Courtnall,Russ Courtnall,Doug Hannesson

    1992-93 Wheeling Thunderbirds/ Those Guys Sports
    Header Card,Claude Barthe,Joel Blain,Derek DeCosty,Tom Dion,Pete Heine,Kim Maier,Mike Millham,Cory Paterson,Trevor Pochipinski,Tim Roberts,Marc Rodgers,Darren Schwartz,Trevor Senn,Tim Tisdale,John Uniac,Denny Magruder [General Manager],Jim Smith/Chuck Greenwood [Those Guys Sports],Larry Kish [VP/General Manager],Doug Sauter [Coach],T-Bird [Mascot],Doug Bacon

    1993-94 Wheeling Thunderbirds/ Those Guys Sports
    Header Card/Checklist,Darren Schwartz,Cory Paterson,Derek DeCosty,Jim Bermingham,Brock Woods,Tim Roberts,Eric Raymond,Brett Abel,Sebastien Fortier,John Johnson,Marquis Mathieu,Terry Virtue,Clayton Gainer,Sylvain LaPointe,Doug Sauter [Coach],Larry Kish/Denny Magruder [VP/GM],Scott Allegrino [Trainer],Bill Cordery [Assistant Trainer],Wheeling Thunderbirds,Darren Schwartz,Tim Tisdale,Cory Paterson

    1994-95 Wheeling Thunderbirds/ Those Guys Sports
    T-Bird/Checklist,Tim Tisdale,Brock Woods,Tim Roberts,Derek DeCosty,Steve Gibson,Xavier Majic,Petr Marek,Greg Louder,Gairin Smith,Darren McAusland,Dominic Fafard,Brent Pope,Pat Barton,Patrick Labrecque,Lorne Toews,Scott Matusovich,Louis Bernard,Doug Sauter [Coach],Scott Allegrino [Trainer],Bill Cordery [Operations], Mark Landini/Dave Goucher [Media Relations]

    1998-99 IHL All-Star East/ EBK Sports
    Vyacheslav Butsayev,Brian Noonan,Marty Turco (signed),Jonathan Sim (signed),Patrick Neaton,Peter Ciavaglia (signed),Mike Prokopec,Stan Drulia,Steve Walker,Brad Lukowich,Steve Ludzik [Coach],Checklist, IHL.COM Promo Card

    1991-92 Alberta International Canadian National Team
    Stephane Roy

    1992-93 Alberta International Canadian National Team
    Adrian Aucoin,Eric Bellerose,Mike Brewer,Dany Dube [Coach],Hank Lammens,Derek Mayer,Derek Laxdal,Keith Morris, Mike Myers [SNL Comedian],Tom Renney [Coach],Allain Roy,Stephane Roy,Trevor Sim,Vladislav Tretiak,Dominic Amadeo,Title Card

    1992 Canadian Winter Olympic Hopefuls
    Stephane Roy,Curt Giles,Sean Burke,Joe Juneau,Randy Smith,Jason Woolley,Dan Ratushny,Fabian Joseph,Kent Manderville,Karl Dykhuis,Trevor Kidd

    1992 Canadian Winter Olympic Medal Winners
    Sean Burke,Curt Giles,Dave Hannan,Fabian Joseph,Joe Juneau,Trevor Kidd,Kent Manderville,Dan Ratushny,Randy Smith,Jason Woolley,Terry Crisp [Coach],He Shoots [Close Call],Checklist

    1993-94 Donruss Team Canada
    Checklist Team USA/Team Canada,Jason Allison,Jason Botterill,Curtis Bowen,Anson Carter,Brandon Convery,Jeff Friesen, Bryan McCabe,Michael Peca,Nick Stajduhar,Brendan Witt

    1995 Upper Deck World Junior Alumni
    Title Card,Manny Legace,Jeff Nelson,Alexandre Daigle,Paul Kariya,Turner Stevenson,Mike Peca,Tyler Wright,Trevor Kidd, Martin Lapointe,Scott Niedermayer,Jeff Friesen,Todd Harvey,Jamie Storr

    1991-92 Russian Stars Red Ace
    Pavel Bure,Sergei Fedorov,Slava Fetisov,Alexei Gusarov,Valeri Kamensky,Alexei Kasatonov,Ravil Khaidarov,Vladimir Konstantinov,Igor Kravchuk,Sergei Makarov,Alexander Mogilny,Sergei Nemchinov,Anatoli Semenov,Mikhail Tatarinov

    1992 From Russia With Puck/ Tri-Globe
    Pavel Bure,Pavel Bure,Alexei Zhamnov,Alexei Zhamnov,Sergei Krivokrasov,Sergei Krivokrasov,Valeri Kamensky,Valeri Kamensky,Viacheslav Kozlov,Viacheslav Kozlov,Valeri Zelepukin,Valeri Zelepukin,Igor Kravchuk,Igor Kravchuk,Vladimir Malakhov,Vladimir Malakhov,Boris Mironov,Boris Mironov,Arturs Irbe,Arturs Irbe

    1992-93 Upper Deck World Junior Championship
    Niklas Sundblad

    1995-96 Upper Deck Electric Ice Gold World Junior Championship
    Alexei Vasilyev

    1994 Finnish Jaa Kiekko World Championship
    Tomas Forslund,Jeff Lazaro,Ravil Khaidarov,Jergus Baca,Martin Ulrich,Dieter Kalt,Ole Eskild Dahlström,Uli Hiemer, Benoit Doucet,Dieter Hegen,Ernst Köpf Jr.,Bruno Zarillo

    1995 Finnish Semic World Championships
    Jeff Lazaro

    1993 Swedish Semic World Championships Stickers
    Mike Rosati,Ole Eskild Dahlström,Philippe Bozon,Martin Ulrich,Dieter Kalt

    1996 Swedish Semic World Championship Wien
    Tomas Jonsson,Mikael Johansson,Magic Moment,Mario Lemieux,Rod Brind’Amour,Petr Kuchyna,Frantisek Musil,Richard Zemlicka,Jiri Dopita,Dimitri Yushkevich,Ilya Byakin,Vyacheslav Kozlov,Viktor Kozlov,Dmitri Denisov,Craig Janney,Robert Oberrauch,Claus Dalpiaz,Leo Stefan,Espen Knutsen,Eduard Hartmann,Jergus Baca,Robert Petrovicky,Jozef Dano,Checklist

    2001-02 Manchester Storm Retro Collection Team Set/ British Icehockey Super League
    Manchster Storm Team Card,Frank Pietrangelo,Jim Hrivnak,Shawn Byram,Daryl Lipsey,Pierre Allard,John Finnie,Blair Scott,David Trofimenkoff,Kris Miller,Brad Rubachuk,Stefan Ketola,Jeff Jablonski

    2001-02 Belfast Giants Team Set/ British Icehockey Super League
    Belfast Giants Team Set/Checklist Card,Shayne Toporowski,Shane Johnson,Colin Ward,Jason Bowen,Kevin Riehl,Todd Kelman,Tom Blatchford,Paxton Schulte,Curtis Bowen,Dave Whistle,Rob Stewart,Rod Stevens,Terran Sandwith,Redemption Card,Jerry Keefe,Paul Ferone,Kory Karlander,Doug Searle,Steve Roberts,Todd Goodwin

    2003-04 Belfast Giants Team Set/ British Icehockey Super League
    Curt Bowen,Chris McGimpsey,Rob Stewart,Brad Kenny,Colin Ward,Mark Finney,Leigh Jamieson,Sean Berens,Shane Johnson,Gareth Martin,Grant Taylor,Mark Morrison,Paul Sample,Jason Bowen,Todd Kelman,Graeme Walton,Colin Ryder,Paxton Schulte

    2001-02 London Knights Team Set/ British Icehockey Super League
    London Knights Team Set/Checklist Card,Doug Searle,Gerard Adams,Trevor Roenick,David Struch,Dave Clark,Nathan Leslie,Steve Thornton,Greg Burke,Bob Leslie,Trevor Robins,Jason Ellery [Equipment Manager],Mike Ware,Dominic Amodeo,Mighty Knight [Mascot],Redemption Card,Most Valuable Player-Mo Mansi/ Supporter of the Year-Sue Chetham,Knights Ahoy-Dave Struch + Mark Kolesar,Goodfells-Vezio Sacratini,Mo Mansi and Dominic Amodeo

    2003-04 Sheffield Steelers Team Set/ British Icehockey Super League
    Marc Laniel,Joel Laing,Trevor Prior,Brent Bobyck,Mark Dutiaume,Calle Carlsson,Rick Brebant,Chris Szysky,Warren Norris,Dion Darling,Mike Morin,Jeff Brown,Mike Blaisdell [Coach]

    1990-91 Seventh Inning Sketch/ OHL
    Greg Dreveny,Andrew Verner

    1990-91 Seventh Inning Sketch/ QMJHL
    QMJHL Action,The Arena,QMJHL Action,QMJHL Action,QMJHL Action,QMJHL Action,QMJHL Action,QMJHL Action, QMJHL Action,QMJHL Action,Robert Guillet,Claude Savoie

    1990-91 Seventh Inning Sketch/ WHL
    Andrew Schneider,Chris Herperger,Shane Peacock,Paul Dyck,Bobby House,Darren van Impe

    1991 Seventh Inning Sketch Memorial Cup Set
    Mike Lenarduzzi,Kevin Hodson,OHL Action,Bob Boughner,Adam Foote,Brad Tilley,Brian Goudie,Wade Whitten,Jason Denomme,Rick Kowalsky,Jarret Reid,Perry Pappas,Tom MacDonald,Mike DeCoff,Joe Busillo,Denny Lambert,Mark Matier,Shaun Imber,Ralph Intranuovo,Tony Iob,Colin Miller,Ted Nolan,Sylvain Rodigue,Felix Potin, Martin Lavallee,Eric Brule,Steve Larouche,Michel St.Jacques,Patrick Clement,Patrick Bisailon,Checklist,Gilles Bouchard,Eric Rochette,Checklist,Patrice Martineau,Danny Beauregard,Francois Belanger,Sebastien Parent,Martin Gagne,Stephane Charbonneau,Martin Beaupre,Daniel Paradis,Joe Canale,OHL Action,Jubilation,Steve Lupien,Pierre Gagnon,Alexandre Legault,Martin Charrois,Eric Dandenault,Denis Chasse,Guy Lehoux,Ian Lapperriere,Hugo Proulx,Dave Whittom,Yannick Dupre,Eric Plante,Stephane Desjardins,Patrice Brisebois,Rene Corbet,Marc Savard,Claude Jutras Jr.,David Pekarek,Roger Larohe,Dave Paquet,Eric Meloche,CHL Action,Celebration,M.V.P.,Scott Bailey,Trevor Kidd,Chris Lafreniere,Frank Evans,Jon Klemm,Brent Thurston,Jamie McLennan,Steve Junker,Mark Szoke,Geoff Grandberg,Cam Danyluk,Kerry Toporowski,Trevor Tovell,Pat Falloon,Bram Vanderkracht,Mike Jickling,Murray Garbutt,Calvin Thudium,Mark Woolf,Shane Maitland,Bart Cote,Bryan Maxwell,Scott Niedermayer,Brent Bilodeau,Patrick Poulin,Pat Falloon,Darcy Werenka,Martin Lapointe,Philippe Boucher,Jeff Nelson,Rene Corbet,Richard Matvichuk,Dean McAmmond,Tyler Wright,Yanic Perreault,Darren Van Impe,Jamie Pushor,Chris Osgood,Yves Sarault,Yanick Dupre,Brad Zimmer, COPPS Coliseum,Jason Widmer,Marc Savard

    1991-92 Seventh Inning Sketch/ OHL
    Mike Fountain,Steve Washburn,Bob Wren,René Corbet (signed),Ilpo Kauhanen

    1991 CHL Award Winners/ Seventh Inning Sketch
    Eric Lindros,Dale Craigwell,Nathan Lafayette,Cory Stillman,Mike Torchia,George Burnett,Eric Lindros,Sherwood Bassin, Eric Lindros,Scott Niedermayer,Scott Niedermayer,Darryl Sydor,Donevan Hextall,Jamie McLennan,Tom Renney,Frank Evans,Rob Brown,Ray Whitney,Phillippe Boucher,Yanic Perreault,Benoit Larose,Patrice Brisebois, Phillippe Boucher,Felix Potvin,Joe Canale,Christian Lariviere,Roland Janelle,Yanic Perreault

    1997-98 Bowman/ CHL
    Ryan Hoople,Derrick Walser,Justin Kurtz

    1998-99 Bowman/ CHL
    Michael Henrich

    1998-99 Bowman Chrome CHL OPC International
    Dylan Gyori,Marc-André Gaudet,Francois Beauchemin,Francois Beauchemin [NHL Draft Prospect],Dominic Perna

    1991-92 Classic Draft Picks
    Niklas Sundblad

    1992-93 Classic Draft Picks
    Mike Vukonich,Duanne Derksen

    1993-94 Classic Four-Sport
    Bob Wren

    1993-94 Classic Four-Sport Acetates
    Chris Pronger

    1993-94 Classic Draft Picks
    Chris Gratton,Rob Niedermayer,Viktor Kozlov,Niklas Sundstrom,Todd Harvey,Jocelyn Thibault,Jason Allison,Todd Bertuzzi,Jeff Shantz,Michal Sykora,Mike Wilson,Pat Peake [Junior Production Line],Alexei Yashin/Alexandre Daigle [Checklist 2],David Vyborny,Alexei Kudashov,Alexandre Daigle [The Daigle File],Alexandre Daigle [The Daigle File], Alexandre Daigle [The Daigle File],Alexandre Daigle [The Daigle File],Alexandre Daigle [The Daigle File],Jim Montgomery,Steve Dubinsky,Joe Frederick,Cammi Granato,Brett Hauer,Ryan Hughes,Derek Plante,Travis Richards,Barry Richter,Brian Savage,Chris Therien,Aaron Ward,Russian Celebration,Vyacheslav Butsayev,Alexander Karpovtsev,Valeri Karpov,Sergei Petrenko,Sergei Sorokin,German Titov,Andrei Trefilov,Alexei Yashin,Dimitri Yushkevich,Jason Bonsignore,Brad Brown,Chris Drury,Jeff Friesen,Sean Haggerty,Jeff Healty,Alexander Kharlamov,Stanislav Neckar,Tom O’Connor,Jeff O’Neill,Oleg Tverdovsky,Alexandre Daigle [Hockey Art],Jeff O’Neill,Pavel Bure [Flashback],Doug Gilmour [Flashback],Roman Hamrlik [Flashback],Alexander Mogilny [Flashback],Ivan Droppa,Alexei Kovalev,Sergei Krivokrassov,Sandy McCarthy,Robert Petrovicky,Manon Rheaume [Up Close And Personal]

    1993-94 Classic Pro Prospects
    Dave Tomlinson,Andrei Trefilov,Mike Fountain,Terry Yake,Geoff Sarjeant

    1994-95 Classic Pro Prospects
    Jaroslav Nedved,Greg Johnson,Francois Groleau,Micah Aivazoff,Mike Kennedy,Josef Cierny (signed),Ladislav Karabin,Jim Hiller,Niklas Sundblad,Paul Brousseau,Steve Larouche,Andy Schneider,Mike Fountain,Andrei Trefilov,Jean-Yves Roy, Boris Rousson,Ralph Intranuovo,Steve Junker,Doug MacDonald,Chris Rogles,Bobby House,Todd Simon

    1994-95 Classic Draft Picks
    Xavier Majic,Clayton Beddoes,Kelly Fairchild (signed),David Roberts,Richard Shulmistra,Jamie Storr

    1994-95 Classic Four-Sport Autographed
    Greg Andrusak,Craig Darby,Mark DeSantis,Joe Frederick,Mike Fountain,Denis Metlyuk,Geoff Sarjeant

    1994-95 Classic Images
    Barry Richter (sigend)

    1995-96 Classic Five-Sport Autographed
    Marc Chouinard (signed)

    1996-97 Collector’s Edge Ice
    Ralph Intranuovo

    1996-97 Collector’s Edge Ice Future Legends
    Frederic Chabot,Dan Lambert,Jamesa Black,Terry Yake

    1996-97 Collector’s Edge Ice Future Legends Authentic Signature Card
    Marcus Nilsson (signed)

    1996-97 Collector’s Edge Ice Future Legends Signed Sealed Delivered Authentic Signature Card XXXX/4000
    Chris Hajt (signed)

    1995-96 Signature Rookies Signature XXXX/7750
    Valentin Morozov (signed)

    1995-96 Signature Rookies Draft 96 Authentic Signature XXXX/4500
    Kevin Riehl (signed)

    1995-96 Signature Rookies Draft Day Authentic Signature XXXX/4500
    Scott Roche (signed)

    1995-96 Slapshot
    Andrew Clark,David Belitski,Joel Dzainde,Lee Jinman,Ron Newhook,Cameron Mann,Rob Shearer

    2003-04 Pacific Prospects/ AHL
    Marcel Goc,Steve Kelly

    1991 Ultimate Draft
    Shane Peacock
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