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  • da net 3030 - Feedback

    Thomas Spielman bought $51.00 worth of cards from me on 23 August. He never paid, but kept me on the hook. I "bailed out" on 16 September.

    On 13 October he came back and said he had the money and implored me to resurrect the deal. I finally agreed. (Stupid me!)

    He said he sent the funds on 17 October. The funds never arrived.

    Is Spielman just creating mischief?

    Anyone else had any problems?

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    Re: da net 3030 Feedback

    You are not alone !!!

    I also sold him some cards ($11.00 worth)
    On 10/18 payment was to be mailed.......
    I have not rec'd it yet, nor any responses to emails.


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      Farmer Gus

      Farmer Gus

      You are just a crabby collector who never is happy with any trade or any collector. Need to also look at your self, too


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        am wondering why this guy is posting w/out registering???

        perhps he is the guilty party????

        someone always wants something for nothing
        the least you can do is put your name on the post!!

        Farmer Gus is one of the GOOD guys here
        we deal FREQUENTLY and he has NEVER FAILED

        if you don't want to be called a BAD TRADER don't BE one


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          YOOPER HOCKEY - AKA Nate R., is the one posting these unregistered messages.

          Scroll down thru this post and see his IP address is the same as the unregistered poster above

          .Click here to view YOOPERS post

          Come on Nate cut out the BS. If you don't want to trade cards go play somewhere else.

          Yooper Hockey

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          I think i have a card of kenton smith

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          October 31st, 2004 06:28 AM

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            Thomas Spielman bought cards for 40$ and I've been waiting for the payment over a month now.

            Farmer Gus is a GREAT to deal with


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              Yes i have had deal gone bad just forgive me sorry,

              you have some bad days and good days this is one of the bad days so if i have offended anyone please dont take personally.


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                Originally posted by lynn
                Farmer Gus is one of the GOOD guys here
                we deal FREQUENTLY and he has NEVER FAILED
                I agree with everything Lynn says about Gus. I have made numerous trades with him for probably 30-40 cards over the past couple of years and there has never been a problem.

                I would rank Farmer Gus with lynn (Lynn Vars), papapuck (Doug Mitchell), skibbdj (Darlene Ferrari) and Stephanie (Stephanie Boose) as some of my favorite collectors to deal with.

                On the opposite end of the spectrum, I believe our least favourite collector, Derrick Johns, has returned to the board. I think he is using the user id - echlcards34. If you're going to deal with him make sure you get the cards he is supposed to send first before you mail anything to him.


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                  My friend, I thank you for rating me a fare trader. I owe this to my first trade experience with Scott Harakles who explained the board and how it works to me. To the other traders you listed, they are the best. Maybe because we're nearing the old Sr citizen age. I do know this those of us cinsere never use unregistered or alias names. I'm sorry another bad guy has infiltrated out domain but we will always take care of each other. Again, beware Danwill is on the prowl and his word is still "No Good" My oponions and fellings, Doug